Dr. Farkhani Clinic has been in Bondi Junction since 1999. Our philosophy is simple – providing our patients with treatment based on the latest evidence and best practice. We offer both specific individualised treatment services and pilates group exercise classes aimed at specific groups of patients.

To be a centre of excellence for physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation in the specialties of lumbo-pelvic-hip dysfunction, women’s and men’s health, sports performance, sports injury management, and exercise rehabilitation. To provide the highest standard of care, with thorough assessment and treatment based on current evidence based medicine, utilising the latest and most effective advances in technology. To educate our patients about their injury, empowering them to wellness, helping them to achieve their goals and providing long term solutions for their problems.

Each of our physios has developed specific areas of expertise. In this way you get the best available treatment for your injury. At The Physiotherapy Clinic we pride ourselves on helping patient’s with complex case histories.

At The Physiotherapy Clinic we not only look at resolving your symptoms, we also aim to enhance your movement patterns and improve your function. This approach is exercise based, helping you to take a proactive approach to your specific problems and preventing further problems in the future. We also commonly use manual therapy, taping and dry needling to help things along as needed.

If you require treatment for more than one area, have a complex musculoskeletal history, or would simply like more time with your physio please make an extended consultation.