Manipulation improves the movement within a joint. It is not just Chiropractors and Osteopaths that can manipulate joints. Well-trained Physiotherapists can manipulate and crack joints just a well. Any joint can be manipulated, but it is most common to manipulate joints in the Back and Neck.


Joints are where two bones meet and ligaments are what keep those bones together. Following an injury, scar tissue, a by-product of the healing process, is left behind in the ligaments that keep those bones together. Over time, this can cause joints to become very stiff and achy as scar tissue within the ligaments restricts normal joint movement.


Manipulations target this scar tissue by forcing the joint to move beyond its available range. When applied correctly, this only targets the unwanted scaring and is completely safe. With continued treatment you can reverse the unwanted effects of scar tissue.


Manipulations can be particularly effective at treating Neck and Back Pain. Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths often treat neck and back pain with Spinal Manipulations. Although beneficial, this can sometimes result in only short-term relief as the surrounding muscles and tendons are left untreated. Remember, Manipulations target joints, not muscles and tendons. Injuries are seldom just down to either just the muscle, or just the joint and as a result, muscles and joints should always be treated as a whole.


Here at Physio 1st, we are sure to treat both the joints with manipulations, and the muscles with soft tissue massage in order to produce a combined treatment that can be much more effective long term.


All of our Physiotherapists at Physio 1st are taught to perform joint and in particular Spinal Manipulations. The techniques we use are safe and highly effective in the treatment of stiff and achy joints, as well as Back and Neck problems. When correctly applied there are no detrimental side effects and the relief gained can be felt immediately. Together with the combined effect of our other treatments, Joint and Spinal Manipulations can be a long-term cure to many joint problems, especially those related to the Back and Neck.