Lumber or Cervical Spinal Traction


Traction is The use of a pulling force to treat muscle and skeleton disorders and  steady pulling of a body part by manual or mechanical means; once applied, the force must remain constant until the fracture heals or sets Purpose Relieve pain,

Manual Traction

Hands on Traction applied by the Doctor that involves a continuous steady pull, intermittent pulls, or just a few quick pulls.

Mechanical Traction

Continuous traction to the neck or spine using different types of mobile traction units that makes use of a constant pull and may be applied from several minutes up to several hours or days at a time. Electromechanical devices are used for Mechanical traction and the traction direction and the traction angle is measureable. Three kinds of this traction are: static, intermittent and harmonic.

The application of spinal traction

Disc Herniation

Nerve root impingement

Paraspinal muscle spasm

Disc-space narrowing because of Arthritis, Formation of osteophytes